Mira-Pauliina's homepage of Playmobil and all things of play

Hello! Welcome to my homepage of my Playmobil figurines. I've collected these little fellows since summer 2012 and to this day I've gathered quite a collection. This web page mostly presents these figurines with pictures and backgrounds of their characters. In addition there will be some other figurines presented in such manner too. I also present my own life in my profile page, linked below.

I hope you enjoy world that I've created!

Introductions of Playmobil figurines

This site contains introductions of my following figurines and their lives:

Tauno Sisko Mathias Ropotti Kimi Mary-Anne Rosaliina Kettu Pena Patrik

My Terraria Pages

I love to play Terraria! Check out my Terraria playing pages!


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mm-dd-yyyy Updates
04-05-2021 Changes in layout
03-26-2021 Added another Picrew
03-22-2021 Major changes in layout and updates formatting - Added few Picrews
03-21-2021 Created a gallery for pictures generated in - you can find the gallery in my About-page
03-12-2021 Created introduction for Kettu & Pena & Patrik - Fixed an embarrasing misspelling trough the site
02-13-2021 Created introduction for Rosaliina - Added link back to me buttons to About-page - Added link to districts - Minor edits on several pages
01-31-2021 Created introduction for Kimi & Mary-Anne
01-29-2021 Edited layout - Minor edits in Front- and About-page
01-28-2021 Created introdution for Ropotti
01-27-2021 Created Playmobean - Created introductions for Tauno & Sisko & Mathias - Created About-page