Hey! It's me! Mira-Pauliina!

I am a Finn in my thirties. I live in Helsinki, that is the capital city of Finland. You can see my face in this page.

Why it is Playmobean? Well, my name is Mira-Pauliina Puxxxxx. If you take two first letters from Pauliina and my last name, "Pa" and "Pu", together they make a Finnish word papu (/ˈpɑ.pu/), which means bean in English. In my everyday internet life I tend to use nicknames that are all kinds of beany variations of my name. Usually I go by Mirabean, and that is why Playmobean sounded pretty nice. Thank you for your interest!

" Here is my offering, some onions! "

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I love to play Terraria! Check out my Terraria playing pages!

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